Clearview Home Inspection Cottage Watch Service offers a comprehensive basic "cottage watch" service. The cost of our basic service is based on accessibility. Discounted rates are available to cottages associations or groups of 5 cottages or more.

Patrols your cottage and inspects for break and enters, theft, vandalism, storm damage and snow load. The frequency of the Patrols is determined by you. We have Patrol packages that range from 1 Patrol for a season, 1 time per month, bi-weekly, weekly and as often as 10 times per month. The Patrols are based on your preference and also dictated by your insurance requirements.

If we encounter any problems, we will:

  • notify you immediately and follow your instructions
  • if you are unavailable, we will take immediate necessary action to minimize further damage
  • notify the proper authorities if required
  • take photographs and document the issue
  • With your authorization, acts on your behalf to hire local tradesman for repairs, snow plowing, etc.
  • Carries out prearranged activities (i.e. snow removal) at a documented rate.
  • Can act as local contact for your Alarm System

Most insurance companies require cottages and homes that are to be left unattended be inspected on a regular basis. On top of this your mind will be at ease knowing that we are Patrolling your property at regular random intervals and fulfilling your insurance obligations.

We provide documented inspections to help you maintain your insurance coverage.

Call for a quote Clearview Home Inspection 705-790-4999 Roly or Sue Wight

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