Wood & Pellet Stove Installations 

Wood stoves are divided into two main types depending on the kind of fuel they use: logs or pellets. Both log-burning and pellet-burning stoves are capable of providing supplementary heat in an energy-efficient manner, helping you save on the cost of home heating. However, they are usually intended for slightly different purposes.

  • Log-Burning Stoves: Producing heat by burning wooden logs, log-fed wood stoves are made to provide quicker heat on a more occasional basis.
  • Pellet-Burning Stoves: Producing heat by burning pellets commonly made of compressed sawdust, pellet stoves are intended to provide more consistent heat over a longer period. They also usually come with a hopper—a component which allows them to operate automatically.

Another difference is that pellet stoves can be vented either horizontally or vertically, while traditional wood stoves require vertical venting and an existing chimney or fireplace.

We would be happy to discuss your wood stove needs.

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